greenHAUS gallery + boutique

Infuse your life with art at greenHAUS gallery + boutique.

greenHAUS gallery is an art gallery and boutique with artisan-crafted goods and gifts, alongside industrial salvage and vintage goods. It was built to positively impact the local community. greenHAUS is a fusion of functionality, art, and designs mixed with warm customer care and good vibes.  

artPEACE - annual group show

Artist Reception June 22nd 7pm

Once a year greenHAUS collaborates with artisans and makers to bring together artPEACE. A group show where each piece is curated to discuss, contemplate, envision and explore Peace and what it means, how we get there and why it is valuable.

It is a phenomenal way to celebrate our community of artists and center our thoughts on the challenges of seeking peace and the hope that comes from it.

Submissions being accepted, official opening of the show and artist reception will be released with our grand opening, block party “Wakandan Black Tie” on June 22nd. Work to begin hanging May 11th, for our soft opening.