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Infuse your life with art at greenHAUS gallery + boutique.

greenHAUS gallery + boutique showcases a different artist each month drawing from Oregon talent as well as from across the United States. In addition to the art, greenHAUS is a boutique offering one of a kind furniture creations by Cole Reed, artisan crafts, vintage items, jewelry and accessories.

Tasteless, vulgar, childish, uninspired and fun to look at paintings - by Quick Yeates

greenHAUS is excited to announce the start of our season with a refreshing new show by Phoenix Artist, Quick Yeates. 

Biologist meets graffiti. Graffiti romances biologist. Welcome to a passionate outlaying of paint.

There is no esoteric meaning to be held up. Only Quick's idea of what is beautiful, humorous or worth scrutiny. Most of these paintings have been influenced by her interest in nature and color. 

Preferred mediums: Acrylic, latex, rattlecan.

Opening Reception: September 19, 2014 6:30p - 10p

Showing September 19 - October 15