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Infuse your life with art at greenHAUS gallery + boutique.

greenHAUS gallery is an art gallery and boutique with artisan-crafted goods and gifts, alongside industrial salvage and vintage goods. It was built to positively impact the local community. greenHAUS is a fusion of functionality, art, and designs mixed with warm customer care and good vibes.  

Signs of Earthly Finds - by Delaney Dickerson

greenHAUS is proud to host and present Delaney Dickerson's new work, Signs of Earthly Finds.

The summer solstice falls on the night that opens Delaney's show at greenHAUS. This special day inspired Delaney's new collection, a body of mixed media work of the astrological signs that is visually stimulating and rich in texture and dimension.

Opening Reception June 21, 2013 6:30 - 10:00. 

Works available for view and purchase June 21 - July 18.