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getting to know you - Lauren Lee

The art speaks for itself, but read here to see what Lauren has to say about herself.

What do you most look forward to when you wake up in the morning?

"I look most forward to coffee. And then painting."

What mediums do you find work best with your artistic style?

"I love oil paint, the blending that you can get with oil painting is the best, all of my studio work is in oils. But murals generally are painted in acrylic, so I have learned to love that medium as well. It has led to a more illustrative style, because it dries so fast, I began doing mark making to add to the light and shadow, it has opened up a whole new world for me."

What do you do to keep the creative juices flowing?

"I pretty regularly do "The Artists Way" which is a workbook that helps deal with creative blocks and keeps you moving forward. After doing it every year for the last seven years, I can generally see a creative block for what it is, fear. And I just keep making work despite that. I also am a very visual person, I am constantly seeking out art, looking at art, talking about art. So my life has pretty much become about self expression." 

Where else can we see your work or connect with you?

"My website is, I'm also on Facebook and instagram, and @loveleelauren on instagram."

What sets your work apart from others?

"I think that my work focuses on the mystical, supernatural and spiritual. It's been said that my work has a very feminine feel, and I love that. I want my work to be rich and emotive. I think what sets my work apart from the rest is the my use of light, color and content that enhances it's surroundings. I like what my art stands for, I like how it transforms a space.

What is your favorite poem, novel or song?

"Hmmm. My favorite novel is Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson, my favorite songstress right now is Lana Del Ray, I feel like she witnesses all of these past and present female lives, and then creates these songs around their world. Songs about mobsters wives, abandoned women who become famous, drug addicted women in love with men in jail. Her work is so gritty, and operatic. I listen to her often when I paint. 

One of my favorite poets is Andrea Gibson, her poems really speak to me, here is a part of one of her poems; I had to unlearn their prison speak 

Refuse to make wishes on the star on the sheriff’s chest
I started wishing on the stars in the sky instead
I said to the the sun
Tell me about the big bang'
The sun said
'it hurts to become'."

What is your favorite thing about being an artist in Phoenix?

"My favorite thing about being an artist in Phoenix is that there is room for artists here. I have been a full time artist for the last three years, and I have been able to support myself. That means that there is a market here for artists." 

What is your least favorite thing about being an artist in Phoenix?

"My least favorite thing about being an artist in Phoenix, is that I think patrons of the arts don't know the times galleries and the art district is open. I think that deters people from coming downtown, I think if we had a stronger art district that is open and being patroned all week and weekends, it would be a more thriving market. Which is really a walk ability issue."

What is your favorite quote?

"My favorite quote is "Allow every action to be a prayer, and every experience a meditation." from my spiritual teacher Jeniffer, who passed over the spring. That one always stayed with me."